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Calm Amidst the Chaos

Dealing with Anxiety

Week one: 

 During these times we may all be suffering from some anxiety. One of our Board members, Pastor JP Bohanan, has developed a video series on anxiety that we’re going to feature on our page. Our prayer is that you might find them helpful as we live together in these anxious times.

Week two:

This week Pastor JP shares with us about a way to help reduce our anxiety as we “breathe” into God’s love for us. May you feel the powerful Presence of God as you listen to the video and practice breathing in prayer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jajztCkuDLE&list=PLcideKN76l79fY9l36N4qOq81 z1ZlGAHW&index=2

Week three:

One of the ways that we reduce not only our anxiety, but that of others is to communicate! A simple card or phone call can help us remember how important it is to do something kind for someone else, which reminds us, it’s not all about US, but that we’re called to care for one another. This week we join Pastor JP as he reminds us about Making a Difference by Making Someone’s Day!

Week four:

During this time of sheltering in place and being physically distanced from one another, we’ve been reminded about how important it is for us to keep moving, to get out there and walk or enjoy the beauty around us. Today Pastor JP talks about how physical activity can help to reduce our anxiety. Take a moment to listen to the video, and then get out there and take a walk! You’ll feel refreshed and alive, and in touch with God!

Week Five:

In the last of Pastor JP’s presentations on Anxiety, we’re encouraged to cast our burdens onto Jesus. Tune in to learn some scripture, to be reminded of the truth of Jesus’ care for us, and even learn a song that you can sing throughout your day!


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