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Calm Amidst the Chaos

I Saw God Today – by Judi Fasick

                                           I Saw God Today                              4-6-20

In these scary, uncertain times, we get overwhelmed with news of the staggering numbers of those who have contracted this Covid-19 virus and the count of those who have died from it. The TV is full of images of empty store shelves, empty streets, and full hospitals. We also see the selfless, hard working emergency personnel, health care workers, and those working in restaurants and stores making sure we have food, toilet paper, and the latest issue of “People” magazine.

We sit shut off in our homes, running out of things to do to keep us busy and entertained. We have added new words and phrases to our every day vocabulary like Corona Virus, Covid-19, self quarantine, stay at home, shelter in place, and my favorite, social distancing.

Just when we thought we would lose our minds, the weather turned nice! Now we can go outside and take walks, do yardwork, and visit with neighbors – from six feet away!

I was working in the backyard this afternoon, and my husband was running the chipper making the pooch nervous, so I took him to the end of the yard to sit on the swing for awhile. Our backyard is on the Juniata River and we have a swing where we can relax and enjoy watching whatever is happening in and on the river and around our little yard.

As I sat there basking in the warming rays of the sun I was looking at some of the debris from the high waters last week that was caught in a low hanging branch. A piece of a “caught” branch hung down into the water and I noticed a young turtle sitting on it!

We sat quietly, the turtle, the dog, and I, and enjoyed those warming rays together. It was glorious! Occasionally the breeze would pick up and the branch would sway. Mr. Turtle would stick his head out, stretch his legs, and hold on tight. It was just too nice sitting in the sun to give up his perch!

I don’t know how long we sat there watching him, but eventually a feeling of awe came over me and I realized that God had put him there to share him with me! “Thank You God.”, I whispered, “Thank You.” As I marveled over God’s goodness I saw how Mr Turtle’s oval shaped shell looked like the outline of a capital G, a capital O, and a capital D. Isn’t God cool?

My heart is so full of the power of the Holy Spirit, even in the midst of these lonely, scary days. He will NOT let us down! He is with us and will get us through this!

Thank You Creator God, our warming Son, Jesus Christ, and Guiding Holy Spirit, for your many wonders, new every day! Help us to stay strong and remember You will be with us through these dark times, shining down and giving us light and warmth always. Be with those who are ill, give comfort to those who are mourning, and strength to those who are keeping this world functioning. Bless and protect those who are constantly exposed, and give us all your peace. In Jesus’ most holy and blessed name. AMEN

                                                                                   ~ Judi Fasick


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