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Calm Amidst the Chaos

Wilderness Time

As we enter our second full week of restricted gathering and physical distancing, I find myself thinking of some of Jan Richardson and her beautiful work, both artwork and written words in her book In Wisdom’s Path. I think about this season of the church year in which we find ourselves, Lent, and all that it means in terms of quiet, reflection and solitude as we remember “the 40 days in the wilderness.” And I contrast all of that with the new writing being done by Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly Faith in a time of Pandemic

 I offer some of my thoughts to you this day, hoping that you, too, might find peace, hope, inspiration in the fallowness, fullness in the Presence:

From Jan Richardson:

  I am not asking you

  to take this wilderness from me,

  to remove this place of starkness

  where I come to know

  the wildness within me,

  where I learn to call the names

  of the ravenous beasts

  that pace inside me,

  to finger the brambles

  that snake through my veins,

  to taste the thirst

  that tugs at my tongue.

  But send me

  tough angels,

  sweet wine,

  strong bread:

  just enough.

May you use some of this time to consider the spaces inside where only God can tame your wildness. Only fallow times can feed times of great growth. Rest in the fallow, allow God to touch and heal your soul. Then, as you return from your time alone, turn toward the joy that surrounds you right where you are:

Consider all of your blessings that await you as you share with others via phone, video chat, email, handwritten notes and cards. Maybe consider writing one note each day to someone to tell them what they mean to you and share one joyful story with them that made you both laugh. It will brighten both your day and theirs!


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