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Center Reflections

At the Organ

Submitted by Cynthia Willis

It was the last day of March with all that brings with it; Spring, Easter, new life! I teach piano lessons and had heard someone enter the building of the church, while my second lesson was going on. It was a little concerning because I was the only person there after 5 PM. The door was open, so my students could continue to enter on their own without me having to leave the previous lesson. Soon I heard the roar of the organ floating from the Sanctuary on the other side of the room. The little girl sitting at the piano paused and asked me about the sound she was hearing. I explained that it was the organ, and someone was practicing. I assumed it was the church organist.

     We continued with her lesson and finished about five minutes early. I asked my student if she would like to travel into the Sanctuary and hear the person who was playing since her lesson had gone so well. She nodded her head, her dark wavy hair shook in agreement. The sound from the organ became louder and louder as we quietly crept through a door adjacent to the Sanctuary, made our way across the room and slipped up the alter steps into the choir loft.

     He was intent on his playing as his face was lighted from the console under his chin, as we walked slowly toward the instrument. I said hello, and introduced my student, explaining that she had never seen the organ played before and would he mind if we watched? His mood suddenly changed. A warm smile fell over his face and he agreed. I offered a seat, the bench beside the organ, for my student to sit, but he insisted she sit beside him for a better view. She shyly took her place on the step beside him as he began to play a slow Good Friday dirge. Suddenly he stopped! His soft curly hair glowed around his head like a crown and he exclaimed that he should play something better. He began flipping stop after stop as I explained to my student that he was changing the sound of the organ. Finally, he placed his hands on the keys. His fingers were flying from rank to rank, loud to soft, moving so fast that I could hardly see it happen in front of my eyes. His feet now dancing on the pedals below him, and I noticed he was without shoes, only his stocking feet. My student’s large brown eyes were opened even wider than before. Her long thin arms clutched her lesson books tightly against her as he played. She was not moving, barely breathing, as she was fully entranced by the magic he was making with his music. This went on until the piece he was playing came to an end. We applauded, he then turned to her and asked how it sounded? She nodded and quietly told him that his playing was fine. We thanked him and returned down the alter steps, headed back to the doorway and into our room.

     What a generous act of kindness we experienced that day. This extremely busy musician stopped his important practice time and gifted a little girl with a memory that she will never forget. I will never forget! Isn’t this exactly why we learn, try to understand, obtain knowledge and study to improve ourselves? Our lives would be such a dirge if we were not able to share what we know with one another, if we do not bother to take the time to change our routines to gift those around us with what we know. Be that gift to someone today. Take every opportunity to share your life with others who cross your path in a unique way. It just might be a moment they will never forget.

For Reflection:

When in your life has someone shown a kindness that made a great impact on you?

Where in your life can you show a kindness that may make a great impact on another?


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