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Center Reflections


I was blessed to be at the “Practicing the Presence of God” Silent Retreat this Oct 18 – 20 at the Retreat Center on the mountain outside of Millerstown. It is always such a blessing to go there and I have found the retreats and classes offered to be so helpful in my spiritual journey. But this time was extra special because it was the first Silent Retreat there in two years because of all of the restrictions since COVID turned our world up-side-down.

The weather was perfect, clear and crisp, and even a full moon! I spent much time on the porch enjoying the fresh air, beautiful view, and quiet time. On Tuesday afternoon while quietly rocking and enjoying my alone time with my Father, He placed a poem in my heart. I already had pen and paper so I wrote as He spoke the poem into my heart. The same thing happened the next morning. I hope you enjoy these words that God gave me.

                             On The Mountain

                                 Judi Fasick    10-19-21

I sit in the cool of the afternoon and listen as You

    whisper through the leaves to me.

The sun warms me with the embrace of your Love.

The squirrels chatter, telling secrets only You understand.

I watch a bird soar on the wind of your breath.

I bask in your Love and know that I am yours, and

    You are mine!

Photo by Karen Bureau

Autumn Morning on the Mountain

                             Judi Fasick  10-20-21

I watch your sunrise,

What a gift to my eyes.

Crisp breeze stirring leaves,

Autumn’s calling card.

Peace in my soul,

 Another gift.

Your beautiful masterpiece,

Changing minute by minute.

Thank You dear Abba,

For sharing your heart.

Photo by Karen Bureau
  • How have you found God speaking to you through the sights, sounds, or scents of nature lately?
  • Do you find it difficult to hear God speaking to you?

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