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Center Reflections

January 2020

Welcome to The Center Quarterly, presented as one reflection every month on our website. We will continue to have some of the best writers who will guide you into a thoughtful reflection. We hope you will return each month and join us on the on-going journey to keep Christ central in our lives.

For our first reflection let us consider the on—going process of our awakening to God and our own spirituality. It is the inward spark that leads us to find true meaning and purpose for our lives. If you are reading this, you are one of those who has discovered that our lives are truly meant to be lived from the inside out in terms of our spiritual journey. Contrary to what our world teaches – the importance of having the “right” outward appearance, the labels and trappings of success that we “must have” in order to be happy – we may find ourselves yearning to discover a dedicated, concentrated practice that will result in living a life of freedom and abundance.

To that end we can explore many options:

  • the different types of prayer that help us to live in an awareness of God’s presence as the center of our lives – adoration, confession, petition, intercession, and centering prayer;
  • the practices or disciplines that aid us in building our inner sanctuary: study, Bible reading, journaling, seeking out a spiritual companion, and the traditional disciplines such as fasting, sacred reading, and worship, to name a few.
  • places (such as The Center) that offer programs, retreats or Spiritual Direction programs that can help us to discover information and resources that will assist us on our quest to live in more meaningful ways.

The most important part of developing our spiritual life is to choose a way of giving our attention to spiritual formation and then practicing it!

Have you chosen a new practice lately? If you have been doing the same practice for some time and your spiritual growth seems stagnate, maybe it’s time for a change! Try a practice that seems challenging for you – but not one that is so challenging you won’t stick with it. Live that practice for a month, journal about the practice and what you’ve experienced.

When is the last time you felt drawn into service by the depth of your spirituality? What contributed to that desire to serve God?

Do you have a spiritual director? If not and you would like to find one, you can contact The Center Office for a list of directors near you.

Are you wondering where to begin? If so, take some time to look at the offerings on our website and choose one that appeals to where you are on your journey right now and sign up!


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