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Center Reflections

Love Songs

Submitted by G. Edwin Zeiders, February, 2021

While I was driving from place to place over many years, of course, I would make up love songs and sing them in the car. When I was overseas with the Marines in the early years, I would stand on the deck of either of the three ships I was aboard and look toward the sunset and make up love songs then, too. Letters were a precious and welcomed intervention and the stimulation for more.

Fifty-two years later I am still singing love songs to the one I love. Love songs are among the countless ways to express and sustain genuine love, keep the romance alive, and truly care. Ours remain the songs and notes, letters, hundreds of pictures and collections, and messages of a love well lived. And yes, there are those occasional moments when we lose sight of each other for a while and then re-kindle the mystery of those first whispered words or loud shouts that signaled new life together again! There were those cups of tea by the lighted fire, and her gentle tap on my shoulder that told me she was “there”, and she was, and is! Her smile and laughter, her sustaining prayers, and those of beams of light she prayed for every time I preached. Thank God for that!

Today, beginning the second year without Joan here, I am singing again of new things and happily recalling the love of two high-school kids who found majesty in the mystery of love being born, of mercy and beauty in the reconciliations, of the deepening power of grace overcoming distance, and the joy in the everlasting knowledge of love songs waiting to be sung, of tender things still to be whispered, and embraces still anticipated in the providence of God. Of these things I am certain, one beautiful and loving young woman changed my world, now and forever! Joan, you are a gift from God, and like grace itself, a love underserved but strategically placed that I might know what the power of goodness truly looks like!

–Just thinking.


Reflect on a loving human relationship (spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend).

Write a love song for them. Reflect on the source of our love and give God thanks.


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