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Center Reflections

March, 2020

The Birds, and other creatures, too. By Ed Zeiders

I was amazed while sitting on my front porch late in the afternoon at what happened around the bird feeder and the bird bath. The squirrels were there for their usual feast, the chipmunks, a host of smaller brown feathered friends, two cardinal couples, a blue jay and several purple finch. The all came to eat, and while a bit skittish, they managed to be together right there—near my porch chair—getting along, feeding and a few sips from the fresh water. You can imagine, given what’s going on around us, that we may well have descended from the higher animals, as Mark Twain wrote in “Letters from Earth.” I learned a lot that day about how important food can be when we are hungry enough to sit at the same table, acknowledging how different we all are, but eating substance provided by a host (that would be me in this case). Well, there is another table, provided by a host, who breaks the bread and lifts the cup so that all types of us can find the common good and generosity of our Divine Host. Thank you, Lord, for the birds and other creatures who often to figure it out! – Just thinking!

When was the last time you sat watching some of God’s creatures? What lessons did you learn?

As you think about the beautiful diversity found at a bird feeder, reflect on how you might create an open hospitality around God’s table.


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