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Center Reflections

No Commitment?

No Commitment?

            A popular gym franchise touts the motto, “No Commitment.”

            As someone who has lost a significant amount of weight in the last three years, I cringe every time I hear this on the radio or see it on a billboard.  No commitment?  If losing weight is our goal, commitment is exactly what we need. Because with commitment comes a more disciplined lifestyle.  

            Perhaps the greatest lesson of my journey has been this: motivation is great on the days you have it, but discipline will ensure that you do what you need to do on the days you do not.

            So it is with our spiritual lives.  A deep and abiding relationship with our Creator doesn’t happen by chance.  Like weight loss, it takes commitment on our part. 

            Part of that commitment is sorting out our priorities and making good use of time.  If losing weight is your goal then time you once spent watching television, scrolling social media, and other activities that do not move you toward your goal, becomes time used to prep meals, shop mindfully, and exercise.

            If a close relationship with God is your goal, then good use of time is necessary, too.  Committing time each day to reading and meditating over scripture, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines, are essential if we want to walk closely with the Lord.

            God has already done his part through the work of his Son Jesus Christ.  We were created to be in relationship with him.  But it takes commitment to God and his commands, and it takes discipline, because motivation and willpower are fleeting and unreliable.

            Proverbs 16:3 tells us, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.”  (NIV)

            Commit to the Lord, my friends, and experience the blessings of a closer relationship with him.

            What can you do this week to deepen your commitment to growing in your spiritual relationship with God?

            What are your biggest stumbling blocks to “staying the course” of your commitment?


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