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Center Reflections

The Rose Garden – Ed Zeiders

The past several days, in between consulting tasks, I have spent considerable time nurturing and caring for the Rose Garden in memory of Joan and our mutual love for roses. Every place we have lived we attempted to leave behind a rose garden and one tree, all in celebration of the people we loved and in memory of our own loved-ones. Today weas an exceptional time, preparing the soil with Peat Moss, and wetting it down in anticipation of the new layer of mulch. I walked to the street to look it over, 15 glorious, blooming rose bushes. I have been back out here three times, even the last visit in the dark… something magnetic about it all, something keeps drawing me the things we loved… some unspeakable goodness that punctuated our lives now celebrating the glorious days of a journey that brought us live and light and to others. I love the Rose Garden in the same way that all of us are loved and nurtured., in memory and celebration of that great grace God pours into the world in the colors and stories of human life and devotion. Consider this: Joan wrote in her last note to me theses precious words: “…We are to pray as though God has already answered our prayers. Last time I checked, God was still in control! I know that has been true for you and for me.” Amazing how through the night new things burst forth to see in the morning light! Joan is right; God is still in control, and that makes all the difference.

—Just thinking.


What kind of activity or practice reminds you most strongly of God’s love and care for you? Take some to do that today.


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