About Us

A Statement Of Welcome

The Center is a Christ-centered space for grace focused on spiritual growth and formation. All are welcome regardless of your spiritual and/or religious background and experience.

We honor all people without exception, regardless of age, race, ethnic background, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or socioeconomic status, educational background, political affiliation, physical or mental ability, immigration status, faith history, or life experience. Coming from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we celebrate our differences and our commonalities. We cherish all people as beloved by God, of equal worth and dignity.

Bringing the Mountain to the People

You are invited to share in the experience that is the Center for Spiritual Formation – an experience that is founded on a mountain in southeast central Pennsylvania and extends to the world at large. Whether at our Orchard Hill Retreat Center, or through our virtual teachings and offerings, the Center’s mission expands from the mountain to the people, bringing God’s sanctuary of peace and presence to wherever you are. The world is loud and noisy – the Center invites you into a place where you may know the still quiet voice of God.

The Center is grounded in the ancient practices of the desert fathers and mothers, leading individuals and groups prayerfully so the Holy Spirit may be fully known in divine wisdom and companionship. The Center is a sacred holding space built upon a community of spiritual leaders and teachers committed to prayer, study, and living out into the world as spiritual directors. Those who are a part of the Center’s leading and teaching attend to the care of souls as we are centered on Jesus, focused on grace, and inspire transformative spiritual growth – all in response to the true spiritual director, the Holy Spirit.

The Center for Spiritual Formation offers:

  • Orchard Hill Retreat Center for personal and group retreats
  • Ministry of Spiritual Direction training program
  • Peer Supervision program for Spiritual Directors
  • Webinars for Spiritual Nourishment