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About Us

A School for Spiritual Directors

Persons from throughout the Northeast United States have begun to seek us out to equip them for the ministry of listening and spiritual guidance. This vital art is essential for clergy and laity who would assist others in their struggle for wholeness. Our course, The Ministry of Spiritual Direction, consists of twenty-two weekends over a period of two years. [Friday evenings & Saturdays]. Classes will be held at the Center at Orchard Hill, Rt. 17 & Orchard Way, Millerstown, PA.

The Followers of the Common Life in Christ

This is a Center-related community that lives according to The Rule For The Common Life. Are you called to this community and this rule?

Spiritual Renewal Leaves for Clergy

God has created us with a need for Sabbath. God has modeled the Sabbath for us. God has called us to Sabbath. Clergy have the responsibility and privilege of embodying the Gospel, and are called to live-out the faith by precept and example. Without accepting the spiritual refreshment that Sabbath provides, the faith becomes passionless and the witness ineffective.

We offer:
[1.] Individual and group consultations for the planning of spiritual renewal leaves; and resources and settings which include [a.] academic study; [b.] artistic expression; [c.] and work as prayer.

The Rule for the Common Life (FCLC)

St. Benedict

I. Observe Morning, Afternoon and Evening Prayer;

II. Practice holy listening in all relationships;

III. Hold one another accountable to God in the spirit of gentleness [Gal. 6:1];

IV. Seek stability in the midst of being tempted to run away from difficulty, knowing that our spiritual life deepens as we live-out our faith within the situation, and work to maintain relationships even when they become difficult.

V. Practice ongoing study of the Scriptures;

VI. Be regularly involved in some local church;

VII. Refrain from speaking evil against another [Jas. 4:11-12];

VIII. Bear one another’s burdens [Gal. 6:2];

IX. Practice social engagement according to John Wesley’s principles of mercy, justice and piety;

X. Contribute to the ministry of the Center For Spiritual Formation through prayer, gifts and service.

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